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Marte Eknæs and Nicolau Vergueiro are based in Berlin (Germany) / Stange (Norway) and São Paulo (Brazil) / Los Angeles (US), respectively.


M.A.N. has worked as a collaborative duo since 2013 and create content-based environments through which they explore the negotiation between the construction, maintenance and erosion of the public sphere.


By assimilating visual content and devices from this popular register M.AN. creates factual and fictional narratives in works that cast an amused gaze upon our disposable culture.


Employing a vast range of hand-made and industrial techniques and mediums, M.A.N. enters the cityscape and public venues in the form of billboards, construction site scrims, interior design, as well as exhibitions.


The content-based environments by M.A.N. provides pictorial and material solutions for public and private spaces.

M.A.N. is Marte Eknæs and                                        

Nicolau Vergueiro


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