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Open 24 Hours, 2016 - 2018; The Munch Museum, Oslo 







Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 16.54.33.png

Open 24 Hours is 48-meter digital collage on PVC, part of the 4 year public program Munchmuseet on the Move. The piece conceals but also re-envisions the construction site of the new museum, which opens in 2020. The title Open 24 hours refers to public art always being available and accessible, which differentiates it from exhibitions inside the museum. The five panels that make up the PVC tapestry depict snapshots of a city on the move and narrate an urban tale set within an imagined landscape of Old Oslo. Real and fictional references conjure up images of construction and destruction, maintenance and repurposing, production and consumption. Playing with the language of architectural presentation by showing models and renderings for the future in combination with historical maps and buildings from the past, the artists conceive of “the urban construction site as an ever-changing still life. 

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